Saturday, April 30, 2011

Natty Narwhal installed

As always, I installed latest Ubuntu 11.04 at the first time. Unity is not that bad but I did experienced a problem that I had to force power off my laptop. Unity 3D doesn't require decent graphic card. Auto-hide launcher and global menu help to save screen real estate, new scroll bar is cool. But to be on safe side, I stick with classic Gnome at the moment.

One interesting issue occurred when I was installing MyEclipse 9.0 on my new system. Since I have 4GB memory I didn't create Swap partition. That's a reasonable choice but I got following prompt

Insufficient Memory
Your system does not have sufficient memory to support MyEclipse. MyEclipse requires 256 MBs physical memory and 64 MBs virtual memory. Your system only has 3913160 MBs of physical memory, and 0 MBs of virtual memory.

I don't know why Eclipse doesn't require virtual memory while MyEclipse does. And why 3913160 MBs (I didn't say I have 4 TB memory, MyEclipse said that) of physical memory is not sufficient.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with new Ubuntu release but if part of Ubuntu users switch to Fedora 15, which will be released next month, I won't be surprised.

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