Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mapped SIP Port & Interdigit Short Timer

I've had a problem with my VoIP for several days. I could not hear any voice from my DID number from last Friday. I opened a ticket to my service provider and they suggested me to try softphone.

I think that's just a useless step because there is no problem with my sipbroker call. Guess what, after I set Ekiga with my SIP details, I can make correct phone calls with my DID number. So there must be something wrong with my ATA.

I performed a user factory reset (877778) for my SPA-1001 and the problem is gone. I checked the settings and found the Mapped SIP Port of both lines are set to 1024, not 5060. Funny.

Another annoying problem is I usually get a timeout when I dial a number from phone book. I think it should be Interdigit Long Timer, which is set to 10 seconds long but I'm wrong. I changed Interdigit Short Timer from 3 to 5 seconds as I have such a slow handset.

The only shortcoming is waiting for 5 seconds after dialling the last digit. No big deal and this can be avoided by appending a # to every number in my phone book.

Making VoIP work for you is so amazing.

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