Sunday, October 18, 2009

No more free Ubuntu CD for me

As a long term Ubuntu user (since 5.04), I know I can request a free Ubuntu CD from Canonical via I got the news yesterday that shipit is open for Karmic Koala. I login and got a disappointing message.

You have already received our maximum number of allowed shipments. Please download the CD image and record it yourself.

I don't know there is a limitation. As a overused Ubuntu user, I was banned to view my request history so I don't know what the limitation is. I requested only ONE CD at a time, but not every release, and I hit the limitation after I've been using Ubuntu for 5 years.

From Koala, I won't be a burden of Canonical. I will download image file and burn CD of every new release of Ubuntu. I will continue to tell every possible Ubuntu user the free request service, because I know, before they hit the limitation, they are very likely already a Ubuntu lover.

Enterprise users are new target of Canonical, personal users shouldn't expect too much from it anymore.

UPDATE: Better late than never, here is the official explanation from Canonical, Keeping Ubuntu CDs available

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