Friday, December 25, 2015

30th Coding Anniversary

I was selected into a interest group learning programming in BASIC (using Apple IIe and Laser-310) in December 1985, when I was in year 8. It was fun. I learned coding so hard that I got first prize award (equal 1st, Year 7-9) in programming competition in my home city few months later in 1986. One question in the competition was swapping the values in 2 variables without using a 3rd variable. My name was published on newspaper and I told my parents I'm famous.
Admission ticket, 1986

I got three more first prize awards later, 4th place (Y7-9) in 1987, 3rd place (Y10-12) in 1988 and 2nd place (Y10-12) in 1989. The last one in June 4th 1989 was the most difficult. I got mumps below my left ear and had been stayed at home and almost couldn't eat anything for a week just before the competition, which I sit in No. 15 Middle School, very close to my then home.
First prize certificate, 1986

These are few things happened before I went to university studying computer science and software engineering. I have come a long way and these things always remind me of where I came from, and where the determined boy wanted to go three decades ago.

Merry Christmas and Happy Coding!

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